Blitz Poker back into the land of the living!

This old school table top poker machine came to us with no power whatsoever. After our initial inspection, we discovered that the main switching power supply had failed. Rebuilding the PSU restored the +5VDC and +12VDC rails and the gameboard booted! We also did some futureproofing to this very cute CRT monitor. It was good … Read more

My new PS5 Controller Upgrade

To preface, I’m a huge Apex Legends nerd. The combination of teamwork, positioning, and gun skills in a battle royal format seems to get my adrenaline dumping in a way other games simply can’t. At best, I am a high gold/low plat player (when all cylinders are firing) and continue to get a lot of … Read more

Bye bye 2021, HELLO 2022!

I’d like to start off our first blog post of 2022 with a BIG thank you to our customer base. Thank you for recommending us to your friends and family. Thank you for your patience with all the changing covid protocols, and of course thank you for supporting small business in Edmonton. 2021 has been … Read more

Airport Pinball – Gottlieb Electromechanical (1969)


We had the pleasure of doing a full rebuild on this pinball machine circa 1969! One of the biggest struggles with electromechanical pinballs is that if they aren’t stored in dry conditions, rust and oxidation can wreak havoc on all the electronics inside. The most common failure point in EM pins are the jones connectors. … Read more

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