Blitz Poker back into the land of the living!

This old school table top poker machine came to us with no power whatsoever. After our initial inspection, we discovered that the main switching power supply had failed. Rebuilding the PSU restored the +5VDC and +12VDC rails and the gameboard booted!

We also did some futureproofing to this very cute CRT monitor. It was good thing too because we found lots of cold solder and some electrolytics caps that looked pretty sketchy. Side note… THIS GAME IS RIGGED! or I’m extremely unlucky.

7 thoughts on “Blitz Poker back into the land of the living!”

  1. Hello, I have a Golden Poker Mini Boy and my screen tube is showing weakness, so do you know where I could get one and also in my move, I lost the keys, so is it possible found these keys for sale.



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