Apollo Pinball Repair – Williams – Electromechanical / EM (1967)

Apollo is a pretty unique game in that it has a mini playfield on the header. Circa 1967, this would have been a pretty novel feature! This pinball machine came to us in pretty rough shape. EM pinballs don’t have any electronics boards in them so we were expecting to put some man hours right … Read more

Airport Pinball – Gottlieb Electromechanical (1969)


We had the pleasure of doing a full rebuild on this pinball machine circa 1969! One of the biggest struggles with electromechanical pinballs is that if they aren’t stored in dry conditions, rust and oxidation can wreak havoc on all the electronics inside. The most common failure point in EM pins are the jones connectors. … Read more

Old Chicago Pinball – Bally Electromechanical (1976)


Here you can see what old school cool really looks like. This pinball had a tonne of a work done under the hood. Almost every switch and relay stack needed to be cleaned to get it back to working order. After gameplay was restored, we replaced a number of worn out plastics, put some new … Read more

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