Switch Repairs

Trust the experts to repair your Switch

Trust the experts to repair your Switch

  • A trustworthy and transparent repair process
  • Quality repairs at economical prices
  • Customer service that is second to none
  • 3 month warranty on all parts and labour

The Most Common Switch Repairs We See

SYMPTOM: Your Switch doesn’t show the charging symbol when plugged in. You can’t charge it through the dock or directly to the wall. It may appear to be completely dead as the internal battery is likely fully discharged

SERVICE: Charge port/ circuit repair

ROUGH PRICE: $175-$215


SYMPTOM: Your switch game cartridges aren’t loading properly. You’ve tried inserting multiple games but none of them are being detected

SERVICE: Game cartridge slot repair



SYMPTOM: Your analog sticks on your Switch are drifting. You’ve tried recalibrating but it’s still not working. You may also get rogue inputs from your buttons.

SERVICE: Input repair

ROUGH PRICE: $40 for one, $60 for two


SYMPTOM: Your Switch display is cracked and no longer playable. You get unwanted touch screen inputs from the crack on your screen.

SERVICE: Replacement Screen/Digitizer

ROUGH PRICE: $110-$185


SYMPTOM: Your console is providing you warmth throughout the winter months. You can see the dust buildup on the exhaust vents

SERVICE: Cleaning and Servicing



SYMPTOM: Your switch is quiet…. too quiet. You may be getting warnings on screen that your console is too hot. You may also hear the sounds of a very tired fan limping along.

SERVICE: Fan replacement



If your issue isn't here, please call or email and we'd be happy to get you a rough quote.

*Pricing may vary between the various models of Switch

What to Expect


    We see hundreds of consoles every month so what may seem like a strange error to you, we've likely seen numerous times before. We will assess your Switch and give you the most likely cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.  With that comes a no obligation quote of what your final repair bill should look like.


    We charge a non-refundable $45 diagnostic fee for all Switch repairs upon check-in.  This fee covers the cost of shop materials/replacement parts/time that goes into every repair attempt.  If your Switch is deemed unrepairable, this deposit is all you pay.  If successful, the diagnostic fee is applied towards your final bill.  Don't worry mail-ins, you are exempt from this fee as we know you've already had to invest in freight costs to get your console to us!


    Our team of highly trained staff will get to work on your Switch ASAP!  Should we discover anything that deviates from your original quote, we will call you BEFORE we proceed with the repair.  We want you to be in control of your repair.  If you decide to back out at that point, the only cost will be the diagnostic fee.


    Being gamers ourselves, we know how frustating it is to have your gaming sesh cut short.  After your repair is complete, we will put your Switch through a rigorous testing regiment to confirm that the problem has been resolved.  If a problem manages to sneak through our testing, don't worry, our 3 month warranty has got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

On the switch yes. On the dock, NO! We see it all the time, The Nintendo USB C cable actually outputs 5vdc & 15VDC. Most 3rd party chargers only out put 5vdc and using this on your switch dock can damage both your switch and the dock.

Average repair cost is around $140

Sometimes there can be multiple failure points in a Switch. For example, when a charge port is broken and then it plugged into power again, it can send voltage down the wrong pins and cause further damage to the motherboard. If we replace your charge port

If we can’t fix your console, you don’t pay anything more than the bench fee you’ve already paid upon drop off.

Sorry we don't

Why Choose VideogameRepairs.ca?


    VideogameRepairs.ca is a born and raised right here in Edmonton, Alberta.  All repairs are done in house we take great pride in our ability to bring new life to your home electronics.


    Whether your PS4 has a broken hdmi port or your little one smashed your Nintendo switch screen, our team will get the job done right. We have the equipment and the know-how to handle your repairs efficiently.  We pride ourselves on offering the best of the best. All of our work is done in house and every technician has extensive experience and training. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.


    Many components in the video game industry contain elements that are harmful to the environment, such as lead and mercury. We understand that what goes into the garbage doesn't just disappear. This is why we are enrolled with the Edmonton Recyling Association to minimize the impact on the landfill. By repairing your console, you are helping to change the disposable mindset many consumers have.


    We guarantee a professional standard for all of our work.  If a gremlin manages to sneak through our final checks, we have you covered with our 90 day warranty on all parts and labour on the associated repair. If a secondary problem surfaces within our warranty period, we will only charge the difference and give you a discounted rate as if both problems had arisen on your original visit.  Fanatical customer service is and will always be our goal.  If the damage is too great and can't fix your console, we will provide a full refund minus the diagnostic fee. This covers any installed parts that have gone into the repair effort.

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