Don't Despair, REPAIR!  VideogameRepairs is your one stop shop for fixing everything from your retro Intellivision, PS5/Series X, to your retro pinball and arcade!  Trust the experts to upgrade and repair your gaming machines.

Xbox Repairs

Broken Xbox?  We repair all models of Xbox

Playstation Repairs

Broken Playstation?  We repair all models of Playstation and handhelds

Nintendo Repairs

Broken Switch, 3DS or other modern Nintendo product? We fix em!

Pinball Repairs

We repair/restore/upgrade old and new pinball machines.

Arcade Repairs

We repair/restore/futureproof your classic arcade machines

Retro Nintendo

We repair and upgrade all Nintendo products

Sega Repairs

Broken Sega?  We repair and upgrade all Sega consoles and handhelds

Old School Repairs

Broken old school console, we fix and upgrade old systems too

You Do That Too?

Problems with your computers or other electronics? We can help with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for an estimate?

The first 15 minutes of the estimate is on us. After that we do charge a nominal fee for further investigation.

What about bench fees?

If your console requires an extended period of time for assessment or service, a $20-$40 bench fee will apply to cover the parts and time spent on the repair attempt. We will always mention the bench fee to you before work begins.

What do bench fees cover?

Sometimes repairs are done blind and only after our time is invested do we know if the repair was a success, such as our Reball repair or Reflow repair. If the repair fails, only the $40 bench fee will be charged.

Do I get warranty on repaired consoles?

Our Services and Parts all come with a 90 day no-questions-asked warranty. We believe in the quality of our work so much that we offer an additional 3 month warranty for Reballed Systems.

What happens when my console is unrepairable?

In some instances, consoles cannot be repaired. Consoles that are deemed irreparable within the allotted warranty period will receive a refund minus our bench fee. You can leave it with us to be recycled, or take a look at some of our refurbished consoles that we have for sale. Our promise to you: If a console fails within the allotted warranty period with the warranty sticker intact, we will repair it for free.

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