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Electromechanical Pinball Repairs in Alberta

Videogame Repairs provides electromechanical pinball repairs and restoration to the Edmonton area and all of Alberta. We provide a pickup and delivery service throughout Alberta if you are unable to bring your machine to us.

Whether you are restoring your electromechanical pinball that has been in your family for years or you are new to the pinball scene, getting your pinball in tip top shape is always worth it!  At videogamerepairs.ca we treat every pinball like its our own.  When we repair your pinball, we drill down below the surface to uncover the root cause of your problems.  Our work include extensive futureproofing to ensure a lasting repair.  Patchwork repairs, typically done on site, have a high failure rate compared to a repair done in our shop as we have many more tools at our disposal.

We repair all electromechanical pinballs at the component level.  Our futureproofing repairs include cold solder joint repairs, switch stack and relay cleanings, and protective wax coatings on your playfield, and much more.

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The Most Common Electromechanical Pinball Repairs We See


SYMPTOM: Your playfield and artwork are showing signs of heat stress.  Your incandescent lights are the biggest source of heat in your pinball machine.

SERVICE:  LED conversions prevent further damage and take less power.  This will extend the life of your artwork and yield a bright beautiful playfield.



SYMPTOM: Your pinball machine is getting old and tired.  Rubbers are starting to crack and that lustre on your playfield is gone.  Bring it back to life with a full servicing, cleaning and waxing.

SERVICE: New rubbers, Playfield Waxing, Deep cleaning



SYMPTOM: You've coined up, hit the start button but your game is confused and won't kick out the ball to commence play.  You may also see your score reels trying to reset but they get stuck.  Electromechanical pinballs require all the switches and relays to fire at the appropriate times to function properly.  If a few switches are out of sync, your game won't play properly.

SERVICE: Game tuning & repairs

ROUGH PRICE:  $1000+


SYMPTOM:  There's a lot of travel in your solenoids before the flipper actually fires.  Your flippers don't have that same oomph they used to.  Or maybe they are stuck in a locked on position.  Pop bumpers or slings also lack their former power.

SERVICE:  Flipper and pop bumper rebuilds


What to Expect


    Pinball repairs must be brought to our shop for a proper lasting repair.  For a safe transfer of your pinball, we offer a flat rate of $190 for both your pick up and drop off (within the Anthony Henday ring road).  If you bring the pinball machine yourself, we will help you unload when you arrive at our shop.  Site calls are only offered for machines that have been rebuilt through our shop previously.


    Figuring out what’s wrong the first time will save you money.  We test everything in your machine to isolate the problem and give you possible min and max outcomes so there’s no surprises.  We require a 2 hour period ($99/hr) to diagnose your machine and provide an estimate for what your final repair bill could look like.


    Our repairs go below the surface to both solve your original problem and future proof your machine against known issues that can surface over time.  We keep you up to speed if we discover anything that deviates from your original estimate.


    While your machine is in the shop, you’ll be given options to upgrade your machine with some next-level tech!  New LEDs, Batteryless RAM, to name a few.  Take your Pinball to a whole new level of awesome that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

Why Choose VideogameRepairs.ca?


    VideogameRepairs.ca was born and raised right here in Edmonton, Alberta.  All repairs are done in house and we take great pride in our ability to bring new life to your classic pinball machines.


    Our team has the equipment and experience to handle your repairs efficiently and professionally. Every technician has extensive training and experience.  Whatever your problem is, we can handle it.


    Surface level repairs are not what we do.  We drill down to the source of the problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.  We are a team of detail-oriented technicians that hold ourselves to the highest of standards. 


    We guarantee a professional standard for all of our work.  If a gremlin manages to sneak through our final checks, we have you covered with our 6 month warranty on all installed parts and labour. Fanatical customer service is and will always be our goal.

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