Pink Panther Pachislo Slot Machine Repair

This Japanese slot machine made its way to our repair shop this month. It came to us giving an error code on the screen and refused to play. Upon opening it we found some bent pins on the cable connectors and some cold solder on the mainboards. We dismantled eveverything, cleaned the rollers, resoldered the boards and it still gave us an error. Then we discovered that the machine needed a full hard reset. After the reset it was playing like a champ!

3 thoughts on “Pink Panther Pachislo Slot Machine Repair”

  1. Hi!
    Congrats on your success in restoring the vintage machine.
    I just bought a Yamaza King Pulsar Frog Revolution.
    It works well- light flashing, paying credits, reset done, odds changed, bonus game as it should be and very clean wiring inside BUT there is no sound. No sound when putting in tokens, no reel spin sound, no music nothing – just light flashing.
    I really know nothing about electrical circuit or anything and I know you’re from Edmonton but I am hoping you have contacts or friends in your industry who is within the GTA? Any help, advise is great appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Michelle,

      Unfortunately i don’t know enough about these machines to provide any insight nor do I know anyone in the GTA.


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