The importance of cleaning and servicing your game console

As might be obvious to some, this console came from a heavy smoker’s home.  The first picture showcases the metal frame that helps support your PS4 motherboard.  It also acts as a common ground and maintains pressure on important heat sensitive parts.  Smooth air flow and thermal regulation are two key components for a happy Playstation.  When tobacco residue and other dust/debris builds up inside a machine, it will slowly choke out the machine’s air flow and spike the internal temperature.  The tobacco residue highlights how the air flows inside the machine as well as which parts get the hottest!

The second picture below shows a bluray drive comparison (also from a PS4) from a clean home vs a smoker’s home.  The eject gears were so dirty and sticky that this PS4 was unable to receive and eject game discs.  Keep your console’s heart beat pumping for years to come by getting it serviced every 1-2 years.  Happy Gaming!

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