Revenge from Mars Pinball – Bally Solid State (1999)

It’s easy to see why revenge from Mars is such a popular title. This particular machine was brought over from Europe. What’s cool about this machine is the CRT monitor at the top of the playfield. Through a reflective playfield glass, the image is directed onto the top of the playfield augmenting the pinball with really fun visual effects. This combined with the comedic narrative and storyline make this machine a fantastic pin for the games room. Here’s what the machine looked like when we first got it.

When we first got this machine we got no power at all. The fact that it came from Europe was our first clue. After rebuilding the blown components in the power supply and setting it up for 110V we got into the game mechanics and testing the gameplay.
We found a number of worn out drop targets and faulty switches. On top of that, the metal components at the top were showing the beginnings of rust (likely from overseas transport). All in all pretty rough. Check out how the new drop targets look!

After fixing all of the playfield faults and installing the proper side targets, it was finally time to give that playfield the full cleaning it needed. On multi level playfields, surface level cleaning really doesn’t cut it. Our cleaning service involves disassembling your machine remove the guck tucked away in those hard to reach corners. In this case we also replaced all the incandescent bulbs with new LED bulbs while we had it all apart. A final protective wax coating is applied after everything has been rebuilt and cleaned. Here are some “in progress” cleaning visuals:

The final part was the computer and CRT monitor component. Thankfully the monitor chassis was in pretty good shape. The colors were a little bit off but rejuvenating the tube brought it back to its full glory. The computer was fully serviced and new thermal paste installed on the processors. Finally time to TEST!

Do you have an old pinball game you are looking to have repaired? Get in touch – we repair all types of solid state and electromechanical pinball games.

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