Change in Hours! – CLOSED on Thursdays

Wow! Thank you everyone for the huge support since our re-opening! It has been so busy at the shop that we are modifying our hours so that we can focus on backlog of repairs we currently have! Please note that until further notice, we will be closed on Thursdays. Thank you all for you understanding.

2 thoughts on “Change in Hours! – CLOSED on Thursdays”

  1. Hello,
    We tried to play on our Xbox one today and it will not connect to the tv. How long until you could book it in for repairs? And do you have a general idea of how much it will cost to repair? I understand this is a common Xbox problem

    • Hi Erin,

      Most Xbox one repairs range from $80-$150. We are crazy backed up right now due to covid so you’d be looking at roughly a 2-3 week turnaround time right now.


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