Repair service for Bosch microwave dim display HMC80251UC

I personally have this model of microwave as part of a combo unit installed at our house and was very disappointed to have the display go on me after only a few short years of ownership.  It progressively got dimmer and dimmer and dimmer until it was barely visible even at night time.  Replacement panels are no longer available so there was only one path left to take – fix it myself!  After pulling the unit out and getting access to the display, it became very clear that it was a circuit board issue (namely capacitors).  I replaced all of them on my board and voila, bright & beautiful display again!  If you’d like to get this service done, please mail in your board to us via our mail in page.  If you need help getting it out, get in touch and I will make quick video for you on my own microwave.  The repair cost for this job is $200+ tax inclusive of parts and labor.

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