Jukebox Repairs! | Wurlitzer from the movie Top gun!

This Wurlitzer 1050 built in 1973 (featured in Top gun!) is a real eye catcher!  This one had a nice cigarette burn on one of the selection keys, broken pilasters (the molded plastics on the columns), broken locks, no volume key and a snapped turn belt.

Our biggest challenge was finding parts.  What did we do before the internet?!  Our parts came in from UK, USA, and Eastern Canada.  After getting the mechanical issues fixed, new buttons installed and everything functional, we got into tackling the final aesthetic problem – broken pilasters.

Molding plastic light diffusers for a customer was never something I thought we’d do at VideogameRepairs but our customer was persuasive and had more confidence in us than we did,  lol!  After going through about 8 sheets of commercial light panel, lots of finger cuts from the jagged edges and many hours of heat-gunning, we finally mastered the techniques to get our plastics in the correct shape.  Here’s some pics of the final results!

[columns] [span6]







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