N64 HDMI Kits in stock!

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We are now excited to offer the new UltraHDMI Nintendo 64 kit!  The HDMI upgrade for the N64 will bring a whole new level of visual clarity to your console.  Please note that stock is quite limited for this install.


The UltraHDMI looks super sleek, outputting to a Mini-HDMI port right below your av port for a clean easy plug in!

The HDMI mod also has its own menu function.  Simply press the button combination: L/Z + Dpad right + C right + R trigger and the built in menu will give you a wide range including things like scan lines and resolution. You will be able to get your image looking perfect on your bigscreen.

If you would like to read up more on its functionality, I suggest looking at the guide on RetroRGB 

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  1. How do I order one of these hdmi kits for my n64? How much do they cost?

    • Hi Caleb,

      We get our kits from Game-tech.us however they sell out very fast! Our last one we have in stock is already spoken for. We have more on order but not sure when they will be arriving.

  2. Grant Bruner

    Let me know as soon as you get kits in. Interested in getting an HDMI mod done.

    • Morgan Tasa

      Hi Grant!
      We now have more N64 HDMI Hits in stock! Please feel free to call or e-mail us for anymore information!

      • Jonathan

        Looking for and N64 mod kit. Please let me know when you have some in!

        • Will do

          • I was the lead prototyper, RMA fix-it/pitch-it guru, and the pick-place/reflow/various-solder-machine overlord at a small/medium size hobby and custom OEM electronics manufacturing company for nearly 7 years before moving onto bigger machines that cut lots of metal really quickly 🙂

            I would really like to install one of these in one of my (many) personal 64 consoles and from there perhaps tool one of my workbenches for batch installs. There is surprisingly high demand even at the relatively high price point for this A/V solution, and it appears that either production has stalled, the new version isn’t viable, the team has lost interest, or the project ran out of cheddar before getting to a critical point where net terms could have allowed compensatory sales quickly enough to roll on credit until back in the black…

            I would be quite interested to review the viability of producing with inexpensive second hand SMT manufacturing equipment. That may be too lofty a goal, but considering I have laid pretty large BGA packs on PCB with just a syringe of solder paste, with no stencil of course, and succeeded in establishing proper function of the board, I have learned to do way more with way less.

            What I can’t do is be of really any help when it comes to modifying the video input signals and do what this device does apparently so well. I have a bachelors CS degree, but my elective focus was targeted more into board topologies, advanced manufacturing processes, and efficient management on top of the core programming and systems coursework.

            Let’s get us a dream team going and start a whole new revolution of retro gaming mods and add-ons! As I have learned from 3D printing and a successful venture into low volume, specialty aftermarket mod kits, if there is some way to noticeably improve the performance and/or greatly improve how it looks, feels, and works, then there will be demand.

            Sorry, that turned into a really long, drawn out, and wordy message. Mostly, just stating that I want one of these kits and am curious as to how difficult the soldering is… whether it’s like 0603 difficult, 0402 difficult… or dare i say… 001005 “nope I quit” difficult?

          • Daniel

            Hi Alex,

            I can appreciate your enthusiasm. I’ve added you to our callback list for when the kits become available now. The install is pretty simple for someone with basic soldering skills.

    • I am also very interested in Mod one of my many Nintendo 64 with an Ultra HDMI. I have been looking for a mod kit but cannot find one. My soldering skills are decent and I think this would be a fun project. Would love to know of a source or been updated when one of these kits become available.

      • Got you added to the list but please note once we are re-stocked it will be for installs only.

  3. Chad Russell

    Can this be available for the GameCube? I would like a better quality of picture from my GameCube Console.

    • Hey Chad,

      Yah you bet we have an awesome kit for game cube as well. I’ll fire you an email to follow up.

    • Morgan Tasa

      Hi CHad!
      We can get in a HDMI Kit made specially for the GameCube. It only works on the DOL-001 Gamecubes that have the digital video port.
      If you would like more information on this please feel free to call or e-mail us!

  4. Hello I’m in canmore looking to get the hdmi mod for my n64. Do you guys have any available?



    • Hi Dave,

      Yes we have a few left. If you’d like to secure one, please call the office at 780-884-2588. We are open 12-6 Tuesday to Friday and 10am-6pm Saturdays.


  5. Are there anymore N64 ultra hdmi kits available? If so how can I get ahold of one?

  6. Paul Williams

    Are there any kits left?

  7. You are probably sold out, but I was just curious… I have one hdmi mod kit with capacitors replacement on the next preorder from https://www.game-tech.us, if I transfer this order to you, and if you still have one in stock would you be able to do an install minus the cost of the kit itself? I am impatient lol.

    • Hi Chad,

      Yup correct we are indeed sold out now. You can definitely get the shipment sent directly to us. Please use the address in our contact page. There will just be a charge for install and the shipping back to you. I’ll CC you a copy of this comment to your email. Thanks!

  8. Let me know when this kit is available.

    • Hey Matthew,

      I’ll put you on our callback list. We were unable to get on the current order so we are waiting for the next pre-order.

  9. Hi there,

    Could you please let me know when this kit is available? Much appreciated!!

  10. Please contact me with price and availability. Thank you

    • Hi Ray, we are currently out of stock but we have a bunch of kits on the next preorder. Thanks! Install is $100CAD

  11. Do you sell the mod kit alone without install?

  12. Do you have stock and availability currently?

    • We have some coming on the next order. Would you like me to put your email on the notification list when they are in?

  13. Are there any more n64 ultra hdmi kits coming in soon? I would like to get one.

  14. Seeing if I could purchase ultra hdmi kit for n64 thanks

    • Hi Brendan,

      Sorry due to the limited stock we get, we do not resell them anymore.

  15. If you ever do another pre-order of UltraHDMI kits plus installs, I’d love to know! Also would be happy to support a Canadian business, eh?

    • hah! We have an order coming in the next 2 weeks-ish. We’ll help ya gettir done

  16. Barry Christensen

    Just wondering if you guys have any kids available can you send me some information thanks

    • Hi Barry,

      Yes we have some limited quantity coming in on the next shipment from http://www.game-tech.us It should be here within the next 2 weeks-ish (I hope!) I’ve added you to our emailing list for the UltraHDMI and will be emailing you the deposit information if you’d like to secure one for install. Thanks!

  17. Cody Lett

    Would love to get my hands on one of these. Is there a pre-order list or wait list for it?

    • Hi Cody,

      Yes we have some limited quantity coming in on the next shipment from http://www.game-tech.us It should be here within the next 2 weeks-ish (I hope!) I’ve added you also to our emailing list for the UltraHDMI and will be emailing you the deposit information if you’d like to secure one for install. Thanks!

  18. I would love to purchase one of these kits from you! Could you let me know when you get them in stock so I could purchase one!? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Nick,

      Unfortunately we are not a reseller of kits. If you’d like to get the kit to do the install yourself, I recommend getting it from http://www.game-tech.us The kits we have are for our customer installs only. If you are interested in getting it installed through us, please fire me an email and I’ll send over the required information.

  19. Do you have any more ultra hdmi in stock for the n64 and how much will it cost

    • Hi John,

      Yes we have them in stock again. I just sent you an email.

  20. Justin Guest

    Hi I’m interested in buying a kit if you have them.

    • Hi Justin,

      Unfortunately we are not a reseller of kits. If you’d like to get the kit to do the install yourself, I recommend getting it from http://www.game-tech.us The kits we have are for our customer installs only. I’ll email you the deets. Kind regards

  21. Marcos Valdez

    Hello, I am interested in an N64 hdmi mod kit/service. Is this still available?

  22. Very interested in mod/kit service!!! Anything you can do to help? 🙂

  23. Hi there, was just checking to see if you had any more mod/kit service available, and the pricing on the service.

  24. Any new updates about when the kits will be available for purchase? Haven’t heard any new information since July27th

    • Hi Jon,

      No sorry. We have kits in stock at our shop but they are for install only. Kind regards,

  25. Do you have kits in stock to modify my current N64?

    • Hi Andrew, Yes we can. We are starting to get low on stock but we have some left. If you are serious about getting it done, head on over to our mail in page (under services) and follow the instructions there.

  26. Hi do you have kits to modify N64 with the ultraHDMI?

  27. Grover Taylor

    Looking to get a n64 HDMI mod.

    • Hi Grover,

      We only have one kit left. If you are serious about locking down this last kit, please follow the mail in instructions on our website (under services).


  28. Do you have any kits for the 64 I need one

  29. I just want to confirm that you have a kit available if I were to drop my N64 off tomorrow?

  30. Hi guys
    If you have an ultra hdmi kit for N64 in stock let me know

  31. Hey, could you let me know when you guys get the HW2 of the Ultra HDMI? I would be interested in getting my N64 modded with the next gen.

    • Hi Mike,

      Can do. I’ll put you on our mailing list for when more become available. Cheers!

  32. Have you any kits available? Looking to mod my N64

  33. Looking for a ultrahdmi kit install

    • added you to our list! If you already have the kit and just need the install done, do get in touch!

  34. Daniel,

    Can you add me to the list for the HW2 of the UltraHDMI.


  35. Just wondering when will the ultra hdmi be back in stock for the n64

    • Hi Lee,

      I’ve added you to our contact list. Unfortunately no news on when stock is coming back yet.

  36. Can you add me to the list for the HW2 of the UltraHDMI.


  37. Hi, just wondering if you still do the Ultra HDMI installations?

  38. Carlos Rocha

    Hi how are you guys doing?
    Do you guys have the components available for ghe ultra 64 HDMI mod?
    Can you please get in touch with me with the cost including installation and return shipping to Toronto Ontario/Canada?
    Where are you guys located?

    Cheers and be safe.


    • Sorry Carlos we are completely sold out. No ETA for when we will have more.

  39. I am trying to see if you guys are still getting kits in and if you are can I get put on your list?

  40. Hi there! Can you please add me to your list for the next order of ultra hdmi kits?

  41. Hey there Would you folks also mind adding me to the list for the next order of Ultra Hdmi please?

  42. Thank you so much i really appriciate it ^_^

  43. Hey there! I’d love to be added to the list to order one when stock returns!

  44. Schudel

    please send me an email as soon as the N64 HDMI Kit is available again.

  45. Pj Mogren

    It looks like this list contact list is getting pretty long! If you wouldn’t mind throwing me in it I’d really appreciate it!

  46. Hello! I’d like to buy one of the N64 HDMI Kits or already modded N64’s. Please let me know when one is available! Thanks!

  47. Hey can you please add me to the wait list for this? Thanks!

  48. Can you please add me to the wait list for when this comes comes back in stock?

  49. add me please as well i would love this mod

  50. I was put on the list 2020-03-07 nothing back yet is this normal???

  51. I also need an ultrahdmi. Please let me know when avail. Thank you!

  52. Can you add me to the list for the HW2 of the UltraHDMI.

  53. Could you please add me also? I would really love one of these babies!

  54. Can’t wait for these to be back in stock! Can you please add me to the waitlist? Thanks!

  55. Can you please add me to the waitlist? How much does it cost?

  56. I am ready to get this installed!! Please let me know when I can get the kit! Add me to the list please and thank you

  57. Hello, can you please add me to the HDMI mod kit waitlist too? Thank you.

  58. Hey, do these kits come back in stock regularly? I’d love to get mine installed. Is the price still $340 for kit and install? Is that USD or Canadian? Thanks!!

    • Hi Matt,

      Unfortunately not. This product is such a hot commodity. $340 is in Canadian dollars. The pricing should be the same but until it has landed I won’t know 100%. Want me to add you to “the list” as well?

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