Classic Xbox LED Mods

Here is a fun and rather “bright” mod we recently completed. This crazily modded xbox needed a few more things done to give it that extra glow to make it stand out.

First we replaced the front power light from the green light to a nice blue light. Then we added blue led’s inside the controller ports, so you don’t have to fumble around trying to plug in your controller in the dark.








For the top jewel we added a cold cathode light, with brightness and pulse control, so you can enjoy the glow from the Xbox so you can enjoy your favorite games.








This console may be all blue, but I’m positive no one would feel blue looking at this Xbox


[kad_youtube url=”” ]


6 thoughts on “Classic Xbox LED Mods”

  1. I just found an xbox that looks just like this. I just wondering, what do all this stuff do? I dont have an video/audio cable yet but im curious 😂

    • Hey Sofie, Likely has a mod installed. Basically can do everything! Emulation, Media playback, Game storage on hard drive. Have fun!


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