3DS Repairs

Nintendo DS Repairs

Is your *inhales* 3DS, 3DSXL, DSi, DSi XL, DS lite, DS, New 3DS, 2DS, 2DS XL or GBA malfunctioning? See our rough price guide below.
If your symptom is not listed, please contact us for a quote.



If your system does boot up, you may get flickering or see “bleeding” on your damaged display. In some cases, turning on your 3DS will make a popping sound and turn back off



Your buttons don’t register when depressed. Shoulder buttons click but nothing happens. Plastic is showing through your worn out rubber analogs



Your hinge is broken. System may still turn on but be careful, those exposed ribbon cables are very delicate



The charge symbol may flicker on and off as you wiggle the charging cable. A full charge just doesn’t last like it used to



Regardless of what game you try, it never loads reliably, if at all


WATER DAMAGE [$60-$140]

Do NOT try to power up your 3DS. Various symptoms apply including no power, unresponsive buttons or blank screens

51 thoughts on “3DS Repairs”

  1. Hi I wonder if you repair the new Nintendo 3ds xl.

    The issue is it has dropped on the floor no visible damage maybe due to it’s got a protection case but it works for a day or so and suddenly not working anymore. And everytime it powers on a few seconds later it shuts off before the screen was able to show up and same thing when swapping a battery or power charger plug it the lights will go on a few seconds then shuts off. Please let me know what issue I might be looking at and what’s likely the repair cost thanks

    • Hi Yen, Sorry I missed your message. We do work on 3DSXLs. I suspect you have a damaged screen or a loose ribbon cable. Best thing to do would be to bring it to the shop for an evaluation.

  2. Hello

    The issue with my son’s 3DS xl is that it freezes. It could happen after 5 minutes or up to an hour before the screen freezes and he has to reset it. Is this fixable. Sounds like a software issue.

    • Hi Shane, it’s possible it’s a software issue. We would likely do a motherboard replacement to resolve your issue if we couldn’t fix it by any other means . Thanks!

  3. Hey!
    I have a DS lite and when I tap the top right of the bottom screen it thinks I’m tapping the middle. Would you be able to fix that?

  4. Hey could u fix my 3ds cartridge it stops before the save can be loaded and it has alot of memories of my game and dont wanna lose my save

    • Hey Tyler, hmm we dont’ really fix game cartridges, YOu may want to get one of those third party cards that can export the save game so that you can just buy a new cartridge and transfer your save game on.

  5. Hello there!! My 3DS XL turns on, however both screens are black and there is no sound. With my luck, is something simple like some loose wires, but I’d rather not mess something up trying to repair it myself. Think you folks would be able to help me?

  6. Hey there,

    I have a 3ds XL that I have had for over 7 years, recently the cover for one of the hinges broke off and I had lost the piece, I remember my brother having the same problem but he had managed to prevent the hinge from moving or shifting whenever he closed it by using some super/krazy glue to keep it from moving too much, so I attempted to copy what he did but I believe I may have used too much as now the right trigger will not move, is there anything I could do to dissolve the krazy glue here at home or will I need to bring it into a store to be repaired?

  7. Hello there videogame repairs,

    I have an original nintendo 3ds from 2011 and have broken l and r buttons. I was wondering if you can fix it.

  8. Hi was wondering if you can repair a 3DS XL, it fell off the bed and hit the frame so the top screen stays black/doesnt display and the bottom is kinda fuzzy with lines I assume its the ribbon but idk. I called a more local shop they can’t find the screens to repair or know anyone that does. This particular edition is like $500+ used lol might be cheaper to fix. Any info would be appreciated.

    • Hi Andrew, Yes we do stock replacement screens and should be able to get you up and running again. Please follow the mail in form if sending it in.

  9. So I have a 2ds Xl pokeball edition and the bottom screen touchscreen doesn’t work, and I’m looking to get it fixed before the e shop goes down in march, would you know what to do, or know how much it would cost to fix? I’ve tried recalibrating it and nothing happened

    • Hi Jacob,

      You bet. We can get it working tip top. Please send an email inquiry via our contact page for the latest pricing. THanks!

  10. Hi,
    I have a 3ds that has a charging port issue when you use the charger you have to situate it in odd positions. I have tried the same cord on other devices and the cord works as normal.
    I also have drift on my circle pad that isn’t fixed if I try to calibrate it. Would you be able to fix it if so what do you think it would cost?

  11. I didn’t mean to send that yet, and I can’t edit it, so just pretend this is all one huge comment.

    My New 3DS XL has a few issues. The R button is very weird. Sometimes it works perfectly whenever I press it, sometimes it doesn’t work at all no matter what I do, and sometimes I have to press it in the perfect spot for it to work.

    The main problem, however, it that the START and SELECT buttons are acting extremely weird. They both respond whenever I press them, however, they both respond as SELECT. For example, when I press START, it immediately responds, but as SELECT. Is this something that can be fixed?

    • Hmm that is strange. YOu may have a short on the mainboard between the two buttons. We should be able to isolate that issue. R button is also a straight forward fix. THanks!

  12. hello, I would like to ask if you still repair 3DS Xls. I have a 3ds that broke a year ago, I spent a good 60 dollars already in my attempts to fix it myself and I have officially thrown the towel on trying to DIY it. I fixed a broken hinge, a broken upper screen, a new outer case, and broken speakers. just when I thought I might have succeeded, I found that my joystick connecter snapped and my home buttons weren’t working anymore. I attempted to try to fix those too but I think I officially need professional help.

  13. Hey my New 3ds XL got water damaged and needs a new front cover and battery/bottom cover lost screws on the bottom cover has well and it needs a new battery theres also a black buldge of on the corner of the top screen Im unable to fix it and idk how much it’d cost to get it fixed by you guys.

    • Hi there,

      We can indeed. Costs will be higher for all the labour and parts as it will be a full disassembly but it CAN be done! call us for more information.

  14. My 3ds has a broken charging port, some missing/stripped screws, a puffed battery, and has been drilled into the screw holes on the inside. I have a new port, but cant put it on. How much would it be to replace these?

  15. Hello, my 3ds has a broken charging port, some missing/stripped screw, a puffed battery, and some screw holes have been drilled into. I have a replacement charging port, so how much would it cost to fix?

  16. My Nintendo 3ds xl was separated by the hinges and can’t work anymore either than the broken hinge it was working fine before that could I get it fixed here?

    • Hi Brandon,

      Yes we do rebuild 3DS XL’s however sometime it can be cost prohibitive when the hinges break and it tears all the ribbons. Best to bring it in for an assessment.

  17. Hello, my 3ds xl’s top half has taken a lot of damage: it doesn’t turn on, one of the hinges is broken, and the speakers recently cut out. It feels like the top half would need to be completely replaced to fix it. What would the price be around if it did come to that?


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