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Xbox ONE Storage Space

If you’re experiencing a locked green Microsoft logo screen on startup, or if you’re seeing E200/100 errors then there is a great chance that your Xbox One is experiencing hard drive issues and needs to be serviced.

As games get more and more visual, they tend to take up more and more hard-drive space. A stock Xbox One drive with a 500GB standard HDD will start to choke up on space very quickly. Especially if you’re in the habit of playing today’s newest FPS or Online games.  Once your HDD space starts to get around 75-85% full you may experience your Xbox getting laggy and slow and that’s the perfect time to consider a hard-drive upgrade. We can install custom hard-drives in the Xbox-One from the standard 500GB all the way up to an internal 2TB (2000mb) hard-drive.

Trust the experts with your hard-drive upgrade!


  • No need to bring cables or controllers – we are well equipped 🙂
  • Your save game files are safe (as long as your hard drive is not damaged)
  • Rush service available at an additional cost


  • Please complete this form prior to mailing your device in


  • Call us 780-884-2588
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