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Xbox 360 Unrecognized Disc

DVD disc drive issues are the most common source of problems for the Xbox 360.  Where there are moving parts, things tend to break.  In the Xbox 360, the most common sources of problems include:

  • Dirt or debris
  • Smoke residue on laser (Not to put you on the spot smokers!)
  • Mechanical damage

Think about getting our preventative Platinum service before your drive dies as it will greatly help reduce the chances of DVD drive problems down the road. We actually service your entire DVD drive by opening it up, cleaning all the dust and debris, and regreasing all the moving parts inside.

If the preventative maintenance phase has already passed, don’t worry, we can still help you out.  We can repair your broken drive or if worst comes to worst, replace it with a newly refurbished DVD drive.

Trust the experts with your Xbox 360 Disk Drive repair


Double check your disks to make sure they aren’t scratched!


  • No need to bring cables or controllers – we are well equipped 🙂
  • Your save games are safe
  • Rush service available at an additional cost


  • Please complete this form prior to mailing your device in


  • Call us 780-884-2588
  • Email us:


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