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PS3 Platinum Servicing


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Extend the life of your PS3 with the Platinum Service. This includes:
– PS3 full cleaning
– Reapplication of high quality thermal paste MORE ON OUR THERMAL UPGRADE
– Optional – Fan speed upgrade included free of charge upon request. MORE ON OUR FAN MODS
– 90-day warranty


Thermal paste helps to draw the heat away from the motherboard, thereby preventing the solder joints underneath the processors from crackling –– so that you may avoid the issues such as the Red Rings of Death. We will:
– remove the old thermal paste from the heat sinks, CPU and GPU
– replace the old thermal paste with new thermal paste of higher quality
– make your xbox 360 fans run at full speed for maximum cooling.

NOTE: This service is FREE if you are doing a Reball or Reflow with us. Be sure to check our BONUS OFFER if you are in need of a laser replacement!

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