Xbox 360 Red Light of Death

The red light of death is an indication that your Xbox 360 has suffered a major hardware malfunction.  If your Xbox 360 is showing:

  • an E68 error message and a flashing red light

Your hard drive is likely dead and will need replacing.  Click HERE for our hard drive replacement service.  Save data is unlikely to be salvaged without consulting a hard drive repair specialist 🙁

If your Xbox 360 is showing:

  • solid red power LED (Xbox 360 slim)
  • 3 flashing red lights (Xbox 360 fat)
  • E74 error message (Xbox 360 fat)
  • sound but no video
  • glitchy graphics
  • freezing

Your motherboard is likely suffering from something called a cold solder joint.  Our motherboard reworking process will repair those broken connections and breathe some new life into your Xbox 360.  A full cleaning and high quality thermal paste (Arctic Silver MX-2) is included with this service ($60 value).


*Special note* 

Motherboard repairs are the most “invasive” of services we offer.  Repairing a motherboard is a catch 22 situation.  We won't know if it will work until we have invested some serious bench time into it.  For this reason, we require a $40 deposit on all motherboard repairs which goes towards the final cost.  With that being said, we have an extremely high success rate of over 85% positive results.



  • No need to bring cables or controllers – we are well equipped 🙂
  • Your save games are safe
  • Rush service available at an additional cost


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