Closed for Canada Day

Hi everyone! just so you all know we will be closed on Saturday July 1st for Canada Day, and will be open with our regular hours on Tuesday July 4th at 12:00 We hope the weather will be great so that everyone can enjoy Canada’s 150th!

Game Gear Mods and Upgrades!

Game gear full frontal

Game Gear Mods and Upgrades are here at VideogameRepairs!  Two of the most popular services we offer include the full cap kit installation and the McWill LCD replacement screen installation.  The original surface mounted caps inside these units start to fail and our replacement caps bring new life to your handhelds.  Barely audible sound will turn back … Read more

Thermal Paste: Why it matters

Regular servicing of all your electronics is a must.  The steady build up of pet hair, dust, and debris are all at work trying to put on the chokehold.  Well we’re here to help you fight back! Over time, this build up will start to line the areas where air is designed to naturally flow … Read more

Motherboard Repairs and Microsoldering

Deteriorating solder connections aka cold solder joints are the scourge of modern and retro electronics alike.  Our company works on a regular basis with all kinds of connections including: ball grid arrays (BGAs) , QFPs (traditional surface mounted chips with metal connection legs), through-hole, and surface mount components.  Failure of solder connections is something we … Read more

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