My new PS5 Controller Upgrade

To preface, I’m a huge Apex Legends nerd. The combination of teamwork, positioning, and gun skills in a battle royal format seems to get my adrenaline dumping in a way other games simply can’t. At best, I am a high gold/low plat player (when all cylinders are firing) and continue to get a lot of enjoyment out of this game season over season.

My biggest frustration is having to take my right thumb off of the analog stick to hit another button. It puts you at a huge disadvantage as you have to sacrifice your look control to use an ability or tactical power. This is especially inconvenient when you’re midfight or using a legend whose tactical ability requires aiming. Trying to land a strafe punch just sucks and puts a big target on your head.

Queue the solution! ExtremeRate has developed a kit (the Rise4) that gives you the ability to remap any button to 4 programmable paddles on the back of your controller. It takes a little getting used to but after you make the switch, it makes the game so much more fun to play using any of the characters. I keep my back buttons assigned to crouch, melee and tactical. This same company also sells a short pull trigger kit for those that need fast response times on the triggers. This kit lets you use single fire guns like the P2020 much faster. To the haters calling it soft cheats, I’d respond with with the fact that these mods bring you up to the same level as a store bought Elite controller for the Xbox. And if you’re still gonna hate on it, fight me in the arena!

If you’re interested in getting a kit installed, we charge $118 for the fast trigger kit and install, $153 for the Remap kit and install, or $172 for both kits installed. Happy gaming!

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