Space Duel Arcade – Atari Cocktail (1982)

Space Duel is one of my favorite games! It is an extremely rare breed of color vector monitor game. Vector monitors use a different technology to normal raster monitors. The result is a beautiful crisp color image that has much more intensity than a raster. This unit came in with a variety of problems. No picture, and no game sounds was our starting point.

After getting the board working, we hooked up our monitor to discover that further issues persisted. Complete collapse of our picture!

We got into repairing the deflection board of our Wells Gardner color vector monitor and got a partial improvement. dug deeper and got our full picture back.

The completely repaired product looks and plays fabulously! Such a cool unique machine. And it came with a really neat keychain tag we had to show off.

2 thoughts on “Space Duel Arcade – Atari Cocktail (1982)”

  1. hey I have the exact same table in mint condition Iā€™m wondering its value

    • He Denina,

      We get asked this question about machines a lot and unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer as there is no strict guide for valuing machine. You can do some googling to see what they sold for last on ebay as a “rough” guide but as there is a limited supply of these machines that continues to dwindle as time progresses, their value will inherently increase.


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