Arcade & Pinball Repairs


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Whether your arcade or pinball machine has been in your family for years or you just pulled the trigger on a Kijiji buy, we are here to help you get your machine running like it was meant to. Over the years, CRT's fail, solenoids will seize, and electronic boards will die.  The good news is, we've seen it all before.  You can either bring your machine to our shop (our team will help you unload upon arrival) or have us pick it up from your location.  We charge a flat rate of $160* for pickup and safe re-delivery of your machine after repairs are completed.

All repairs start with a diagnosis (1 hr minimum for arcades and 2 hr minimum for pinballs) @ our shop rate of $80/hour plus parts.  After our initial diagnosis has uncovered what problem lie within, you'll get a call with your estimated repair cost including some optional upgrades we can do to really future proof your machine.   After a successful repair, all machines go through a rigorous testing period to ensure a lasting repair.   We stand behind all of our work and include a 3 month warranty for peace of mind.  For businesses or individuals with multiple machines needing work, we can accommodate your repairs on site!


Arcade Repairs

  • Power supply repairs
  • Monitor CRT rebuilds, repairs and rejuvenation
  • Faulty input buttons/joysticks
  • Cabinet wiring repairs
  • Game upgrades

Pinball Repairs (Electro-mechanical and Solid State)

  • Ram upgrades
  • Playfield cleaning - polish and waxing
  • Replacement playfield rubbers
  • Switch cleaning and diagnostics
  • Solenoid Repairs/Replacements
  • Dead lightbulbs
  • Future-proofing


  • Big Buck Hunter - Sportsman's Paradise $1600
  • Missile Command - $2500
  • Black Widow - $2500

Please don't hesitate to give us a call/email if you are looking for a certain machine.  We always have something for sale and if its not what you want, we can put you on our wish list for when one becomes available.

*This rate applies only to service calls within the Edmonton city limits. Customers outside the Edmonton City limits may be subject to a higher transportation fee