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Xbox ONE Controller Repair

We’ve all either seen someone or been guilty ourselves of taking out our gaming frustrations on a controller. Whether that be button mashing or throwing a controller against a wall, it’s fair to say that controllers are often on the receiving end of gamer abuse.

If the character on the screen is moving slightly by themselves, or if you’re experiencing player drift in any direction, then most likely your analog toggle on your controller needs to be replaced. This is very common problem on the Xbox One Controller and is easily fixable. Some other problems that we see often as well include:

  • Broken L/R bumpers
  • Controllers not charging
  • Controllers not syncing (this might also be due to a faulty Wifi/Bluetooth board on the xbox one console itself)
  • Controllers not powering on
  • Physical damage to the controller shell


Trust the experts with your controller repair!

Custom Rapid Fire Mod kits sold and installed here!

To find out more about modding your controller with a rapid fire kit and what it can do for you, please Contact us


  • No need to bring cables or controllers – we are well equipped 🙂
  • Your save game files are safe
  • Rush service available at an additional cost


  • Please complete this form prior to mailing your device in


  • Call us 780-884-2588
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  1. Roger


    My Xbox one controller turns on and connects, but none of the buttons work! The home button and joystick works but everything else doesn’t! And then I put new batteries in it same thing but the light was flashing so I tried to resync the controller but the sync button doesn’t work on the controller either!

    • Daniel


      Hey Roger,
      Hmm that’s a strange one. Its honestly probably not worth it to fix from the symptoms you’re describing.

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