Yes we fix Ipod classics

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There are many reasons to fix your ipod classic.  Be it the unique navigation system or the humongous hard drive, we specialize in all classic ipod repairs.  We can replace that old worn out battery, fix that sticky click wheel, or even install some neat upgrades to replace your internal hard drive with flash memory.  Let Videogamerepairs bring new life to your ipod classic.

Jukebox Repairs! | Wurlitzer from the movie Top gun!

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This Wurlitzer 1050 built in 1973 (featured in Top gun!) is a real eye catcher!  This one had a nice cigarette burn on one of the selection keys, broken pilasters (the molded plastics on the columns), broken locks, no volume key and a snapped turn belt.

Our biggest challenge was finding parts.  What did we do before the internet?!  Our parts came in from UK, USA, and Eastern Canada.  After getting the mechanical issues fixed, new buttons installed and everything functional, we got into tackling the final aesthetic problem – broken pilasters.

Molding plastic light diffusers for a customer was never something I thought we’d do at VideogameRepairs but our customer was persuasive and had more confidence in us than we did,  lol!  After going through about 8 sheets of commercial light panel, lots of finger cuts from the jagged edges and many hours of heat-gunning, we finally mastered the techniques to get our plastics in the correct shape.  Here’s some pics of the final results!





Cold Solder

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Exhibit A – A prime example of a “cold solder” joint. The solder has deteriorated so much so that a complete ring has formed around the pin header. This issue was found on an Arcade Machine monitor CRT board. Neat right? – if you’re a nerd I guess!

Not just video game consoles | Alesis Andromeda A6 vintage synthesizer repair

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Our company name doesn’t always lend itself well to the scope of our abilities so I will be making some occasional blog posts on some of the more unusual repairs that we do at our shop. A lot of the skills required to do the intricate work on video game consoles can also be applied to other electronic devices.

Last week we had a customer come in with an Alesis Andromeda A6 vintage synthesizer. He had already done the online research on what the likely faults were (THANK YOU!) but needed a helping hand to get the intricate work of transplanting a new surface mount CPU and Flash on to the motherboard. The original CPU had been removed by a friend of the owner, however in the process there were some pads that were fully pulled off of the motherboard. Thanks to the great documentation online, we were identify some alternative points to solder to, replaced both chips, and also installed a convenient removable battery holder for the on-board settings.  We also got word back the next day that everything worked great after re-installing the board into the device.  Woot!





The importance of cleaning and servicing your game console

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As might be obvious to some, this console came from a heavy smoker’s home.  The first picture showcases the metal frame that helps support your PS4 motherboard.  It also acts as a common ground and maintains pressure on important heat sensitive parts.  Smooth air flow and thermal regulation are two key components for a happy Playstation.  When tobacco residue and other dust/debris builds up inside a machine, it will slowly choke out the machine’s air flow and spike the internal temperature.  The tobacco residue highlights how the air flows inside the machine as well as which parts get the hottest!

The second picture below shows a bluray drive comparison (also from a PS4) from a clean home vs a smoker’s home.  The eject gears were so dirty and sticky that this PS4 was unable to receive and eject game discs.  Keep your console’s heart beat pumping for years to come by getting it serviced every 1-2 years.  Happy Gaming!




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