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Here’s a nice visual of a PS4 HDMI port replacement that came in to our shop after having gone to a different home-based business in the city. We discovered loose pins and melted plastic on the back of this HDMI port. At Videogamerepairs, we take pride in making sure all of our repairs are of the highest professional quality and that they will last. Trust the experts to get the job done right the first time!


Hdmi Port PS4 repair Videogamerepairs quality work
Hdmi Port PS4 repair Videogamerepairs quality work

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Every now and then we see a console that is outside the regular scope of repairs we offer.  More common repairs include things like HDMI port replacements, maybe a little bit of nerd rage, but this one was a little bit different.  Playing vids under the soft flicker of candle light sounds like a great idea for date night… but not so much when the candle is ON the xbox one.  The candle wax melted down through the fan vents and coated the entire APU and surrounding ram chips.  Thankfully wax isn’t conductive so no permanent damage was caused! WHEW!


candle wax melted into xbox one motherboard

Game Gear Mods and Upgrades!

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Game Gear Mods and Upgrades are here at VideogameRepairs!  Two of the most popular services we offer include the full cap kit installation and the McWill LCD replacement screen installation.  The original surface mounted caps inside these units start to fail and our replacement caps bring new life to your handhelds.  Barely audible sound will turn back into the clear crisp stereo sound you had back in the 90’s.  The video capacitors that get replaced will tune your picture into a much more vivid full spectrum display.

new capacitors in game gear


The other mod we offer installs for is the McWill LCD mod.  Full credit for development of this mod goes to McWill.  If you have specific questions about this mod, please contact him directly on the Atari Age forum or email him directly:

There is also a fountain of information about this mod on

This kit was brings a whole new level of clarity to your picture.  Check out this link to read up more about the McWill mod and what it can do for your Game Gear.  It also gives you the ability to hook up your game gear to your TV!

beautiful picture on game gear

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