Don't Despair, Repair!

Welcome to the best repair shop you've ever visited. Located in central Edmonton, our team of highly trained technicians specializes in fixing all things electronic. From your old retro systems to the latest generations of virtual reality headsets, we can fix it!

Save money and repair your PS4 or XBox One rather than buying a new one. Our shop also repairs laptops, desktops, iphones/ipads/ipods, drones, arcade machines, pinball machines and redemption machines!

Being gamers ourselves, we know that sending off your system to Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft for a month or more can be both unnerving and costly. We take pride in having lightning fast turnaround times and customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Useful Tips and Cool Projects

Thermal Paste: Why it matters

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Regular servicing of all your electronics is a must.  The steady build up of pet hair, dust, and debris are all at work trying to put on the chokehold.  Well we’re here to... READ MORE

Motherboard Repairs and Microsoldering

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Deteriorating solder connections aka cold solder joints are the scourge of modern and retro electronics alike.  Our company works on a regular basis with all kinds of connections including: ball grid arrays (BGAs)... READ MORE